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Gabriella Taylor


Before the pandemic hit, Gabi lived the life of a professional tennis player. It was an existence of pressure and hard work, as she constantly strived to meet ever-more ambitious goals.

Today, she lives with a different kind of pressure. As a self-taught, freelance artist, she is finally tapping into her desire to create. Each day is another opportunity to experiment, to develop her talents and produce work that she is proud of. "It is a pressure that I relish, because it pushes me to express myself in ways I never knew possible."

Her work is diverse and inspired by all the experiences that shape her vision. It is also her tool for making a difference, as she donates a portion of all her profits to animal rights and wildlife organisations:

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue

Animal Asia

World Animal Protection

HSI Global

As you navigate her portfolio, please feel free to contact Gabi for commissions, publicity or press inquiries. "I am excited to bring you along on this journey - I am only just getting started!"

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